Not my best day

Yesterday wasn't my best day. It was far from my worst, but it was a not-quite-right day, a day of miscommunication, a dog on Prednisone, and lack of sleep.

My CSA farmer drops off boxes of produce at a local restaurant each Wednesday, and my friend Cathy or I (we're splitting a share) swing by for pick up late in the afternoon. I thought she was getting the box yesterday. She thought I was picking it up. Oops. It's probably still there, but my plan to have grilled vegetables for dinner fell to the wayside.

I returned home to give my dog steroids and lots of Benadryl — looks like Gussie's allergies are getting worse — and decided a little baking therapy would help turn things around. I love the clink of measuring spoons and the feeling of accomplishment I get when freshly baked cookies emerge from the oven. Too bad last night's cookies didn't turn out so well.

I've been eager to use the dried lavender flowers my friend CB brought me the last time she visited. Lavender is heady, perfume-like — it reeks of summer. Since summer officially began June 21, why not try to celebrate (this is not my favorite season) and bake something with a seasonal vibe? After combing through numerous cookbooks, I settled on a lavender cookie recipe in The King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion. It was quick, simple, and I could easily make minor adjustments without doing damage. I thought lavender would be enhanced by lemon, so I left out the vanilla extract and added a little over a teaspoon of freshly minced lemon zest.

Lavender and lemon were not the problem — it was the sugar. The cookies are too sweet, at least for my palate. I planned to take the bulk of the cookies to work (trying to cut back my calorie intake these days) but after trying one, I'm not comfortable sharing them with anyone. The sugar lingers in your mouth, rather than the flavor. It coats your teeth. Ick.

So I have a new project: to develop or find a lavender-lemon cookie recipe worth sharing. Instinct tells me to try a shortbread. Wish me luck!


  1. Hugs to you, lovely Lynn, and hugs you your poor allergic doggie as well. Shortbread sounds like a good solution to me. Or maybe just say screw the baking and take a large glass of wine and good book and sit in a nice bath?

  2. I think shortbread is the perfect vehicle for those two flavors. Of course, I love short bread more than anything. Hope today is better!

  3. Lemon Gloria,
    Your solution tops lavender-lemon shortbread. Time to run the bath!

    Things are looking up already - hope to experiment with recipes this weekend.

  4. I love Lemon Glorias idea of shortbread. I've had some amazing lavender shortbreads that were just perfect with a cup of tea.

    But what to do with the cookies you made? Would they work as a basis for a crust for a lemon pudding or the added extra in an ice cream? [calorie conscious this suggestion was not!]

  5. OysterCulture,

    The cookies were so dreadful that I threw them away. They tasted like cheap grocery store bakery cookies - too sweet, the texture was off - I hated them. I appreciate your idea of using them in another dish, but I was afraid they would ruin something else!

    My lemon-lavender shortbread idea is now an active experiment (a batch is in the oven as I type this).